Cheap .au to .uk flights with stop off in .id?
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Best way to get reasonably priced flights from Sydney to Scotland and back with a stop off in Bali on the way back?

My family (me, wife, 2 children both over 2 and under 12) need to go to Scotland to visit family, preferably stopping off in Bali on the way home to visit friends and old haunts. The dates are between mid-August and September this year. I'm going to try to get my employer to pay for my flight (but not the others), due to some work related stuff going on. Online travel agents overwhelm me, so can anyone suggest the best way to get a reasonably cheap deal?
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I'd use a travel agent that specializes in consolidator tickets, like Flight Centre (assuming that the Flight Centre locations in Australia work similarly to the locations here in Canada).
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I would consider a round the world ticket - for example there is a Lufthansa/others (can't remember, but think it is subset of Star Alliance) who have one for about $1400 plus taxes for year round departures. Have a look at - but you can call them, you don't need to do it yourself (in fact you can't for RTW). Honestly, if you can get a good deal on those, they are often cheaper (as long as you don't add in too many stops!).

Otherwise, whatever cheap flight you can get through to Europe with whichever major Asian destination hub they go through (you'd need either KL or preferably Singapore), book a stopover, and book separate tickets through one of the Asian discount airlines (eg Air X, Asia Air etc) over to Bali.

I don't think many of the regular tickets to Europe will include a stop at Bali so you will need to look at other options.

Otherwise, as suggested, this is the sort of thing where a smart travel agent can do a consolidated ticket - but I suspect many will come up with ridiculous solutions.
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