What gift to thank an advisor?
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What are some good appreciation gift ideas for a thesis advisor who was kind when the project took far longer than originally planned?

I did an undergraduate thesis in college. My paper took about, um, a year longer to finish than it should have due to some personal issues and some challenges with the paper itself. My advisor had to deal with some hassles because of this as well, and was always very patient and cool about it. He also went out of his way to get my paperwork submitted at the last minute (due to me taking so long). All of the paperwork was recently tied up and I'm officially done now. I want to send a thank-you note and a small gift of appreciation to his office, but I know nothing about the protocol for this or what would be an appropriate gift?
He's a fairly young professor, not super formal, and other than that I know he likes music a lot and has young kids. I hate giving non-relatives gift certificates because it seems too monetary and less thoughtful. I also am trying to avoid anything too office-ish like a fruit basket or a mug or whatever. Any suggestions on an appropriate gift that one could give in this situation? I am somewhat broke so it can't be anything too fancy, unfortunately.
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How about a book with a small thank you note written on the front page.
not a novel or a academic book, but something that interest him
Like if he like to travel, a LonelyPlanet Guide.
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Ohh so he likes music. what kind of music.
would he be interested in a book about 'History of Jazz', etc...
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How about the DVD or CD of "Jazz," Ken Burns' PBS series?
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Well, music will be a little troublesome, solely because of subjectivity (after all, who likes all music?), but to me this is yet another problem that chocolate can solve.

If the adviser in question doesn't care for the chocolate, perhaps his children would And failing that, small gifts such as biscuits or choco always seem to end up in the staff lounge. Where they are shared and enjoyed.

Side note: I teach part time at a University in London, and it always pleases me to hear of a fellow academic who puts students first; far too many professors these days seem to view the job as a way to subsidise their research. Students first = OK in my book.
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A small* bottle of a fancy liquor (like Patron tequila) may be fitting, especially if you're on familiar enough terms. Include a witty note along the lines of "Please use this to blot out memories of my delayed progress."

*the smallness will offset the fanciness, so it's not costly but still impressive
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If you're a good student who knows his/her stuff, offer to grade papers/exams/hws/quizzes!

My god, the pile of papers on my desk! If someone could take them off my hands, It'd be worth 5 or 6 kgs of chocolate, easy!

If not, chocolate.
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A hand-written note or letter that expresses your thanks will be much more appreciated than any gift. A gift is fine too, but the letter will mean a lot.
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follow-up from OP: "he actually writes about music, including jazz, which is why I'm afraid anything academic or jazz-related has a high chance of being something he already has."
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Write a very nice letter outlining his patience and support and how you couldn't have done it without him and all the good stuff it means to you, and then send one copy to him and one to his department chair.
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Yes, a thoughtful note is the key.

A gift is ok (food, wine, fancy pen, some joke thing related to your research topic) but the note is the lasting thing.
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