QUICK, need help on most enviro Friendly candidats for NC Dem Primary!
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QUICK - I'm voting early in the NC primary, along with the rest of my family. ASIDE FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE, who are the most environmentally friendly NC Democratic Primary candidates?

We already know how we are voting for the presidential race, but my family all said they are leaving the rest of the ballot empty. But, they said if I find a reputable list of the most environmentally friendly candidates etc we would vote that way.

(We should have been more issue involved, but most of us just don't follow local politics since we recently moved here)

Please help. Thanks
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Check out Vote Smart, enter the candidate name and it should show their stance on various issues:

This link is for NC current gov't members but there is a search box for candidate/challenger names:

Vote Smart NC Members
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The Progressive Democrats are quite green; check their site for endorsements.
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If you're anywhere in the Triangle, the Independent has their primary endorsements out. It has Durham, Chatham, Orange and Wake counties represented, as well as statewide elections and, of course, the presidential elections.
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We might be able to give better advice if you tell us what county and district races you're interested in. The NC Sierra Club has endorsed two statewide races so far - Janet Cowell for Treasurer and Dan Besse for Lt. Gov - and a bunch of local ones. I can vouch for Janet Cowell as a pretty good rising young politician. I've known her as a city council member and my state senator; she's accessible and intelligent.
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Just a quick note on the Independent Weekly's endorsements: they can be spotty. I was just talking this afternoon with a black friend who's been active in Democratic circles for years; he thinks they really botched their endorsement in N.C. Senate District 14 (here), which he says should go to Vernon Malone (who was endorsed by the NC Sierra Club). I don't know enough about that race to claim he's right, but just thought I'd mention that every election I notice a contest or two where they seem (to me, of course) inexplicably tone-deaf. Still, their voting guide will do in a pinch if you're concerned with progressive issues and want to vote without knowing much.
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Yeah, I'm actually with mediareport on the Indy endorsements being not perfect for me. I was thinking of the in a pinch situation, which is why I mentioned it.
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