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[Austin TX] I'd like to get a pedicure gift certificate for my wife for Mothers' Day. Where in Austin is a good place for a pedicure? I'm looking to spend between $100 and $200 (including tip). Asking anonymously in case my wife checks my activity.
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I'm not in Austin, but $200 would buy you a spa day in most cities, not just a pedicure. Those go for about $20.
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$100-$200 is a lot for just a pedicure, even in the fanciest, schmanciest places. For that (or a little more) you could probably spring for a spa day package kind of thing that includes a leg massage or wrap or other pampering stuff.

Here are some examples of all the options in that price range.
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I like the Beauty Store on Bee Cave Rd.. Their pedicure includes a hot wax wrap. There's only one chair in the room so you're not stuck soaking next to a chatty Cathy. Like others said, though, that's a lot to pay for a pedicure. Why not look into the packages at Lake Austin Spa?
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Second the Lake Austin Spa. I got my wife a half-day gift certificate there last year and she described at the best spa/pedicure experience of her life.
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Thirding Lake Austin Spa. I loved the LakeHouse River Rock Pedicure I got there recently; it's $75, so she could have another service and still come in under $200.
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