How should I celebrate my 30th?
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Help me plan my 30th birthday Unlike previous ask MeFi's I don't want to go away. I have travelled so much lately that I'm considering staying at home. My birthday is also a holiday (day after Christmas) so it's near impossible to get people together for a party. How can I celebrate this milestone in a low key way, and make it a day to remember?

I usually live in Sydney, but am currently living in Europe away from my husband. On previous birthdays we've travelled (China, Hawaii, Singapore, etc), but we have been away so much I just want to stay at home.

Because my birthday is the day after Christmas, lots of things are closed, people are away, they just don't want to think about it. I don't want to make a big deal about my 30th (though I'm happy about it), I'd like to just celebrate with my husband, but not sure how.

I'd be interested in an activity - a class (art, food, etc) or maybe a massage/spa or something else that's generally relaxing but the public holiday is a problem. Happy to travel around NSW or even to Melbourne for the day.
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Wow you start planning early , eh?

My 30th's this year and I've told everyone who keeps asking that I'd be happiest left alone to find a small boat to fish on in a small lake. But then, that sounds like a perfect birthday to someone who likes fishing.

I doubt I'll get what I want for my birthday.
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Best answer: Wingless_angle, I feel for you, my birthday falls on a holiday as well.

I'd plan a bit of a road trip - pack a picnic basket full of your favourite foods/treats, hop in the car and head out on a drive. Find some secluded seaside spot, or drive up into the mountains, since you're in New South Wales. Bring a camera or digital recorder to record things you see and hear, maybe a sketchbook or journal if you're artistically inclined. Go for a walk and enjoy the scenery and your husband's company. Find a lovely little restuarant for dinner, and take a room at a B&B for the night.

Oh, and happy early birthday! :)
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I'd just saunter down to the local and get maudlin drunk.
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How set are you on having your celebration on the 26th? I'm a Christmas baby, myself, and if I want to have anything more than cake and presents with family, I have to adjust my schedule. One year I had a party on my half-birthday, a couple times I've done things in January.

At some point I decided, hey, twelve days of Christmas = TWELVE DAYS OF BIRTHDAY!! It's been my favorite workaround so far. Make that whole week a birthday week, starting with the 26th, and do something small but special every day. Pick up a small cake from the best bakery in town on one day, get a pedicure another day, get drinks with a friend or two if/when they're in town that week. It might sound a little self-indulgent to some, but it's a lot of fun to still be celebrating your birthday after five days, especially if the day itself is a little lackluster.
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Best answer: LN - should have noted, do not drive/have car. but maybe we can do something similar on Countrylink. Thanks!

allkindsoftime - well this is about the time I would book a flight for that time of year if I was travelling so I thought I may as well get it sorted! End of the year will also be busy as I'll be moving back to Australia.
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Okay, this is perhaps my imagination, but since you're thinking about this eight months early, maybe you're downplaying how much celebration you actually want to do. "Low key" in my mind just involves a nice meal, some booze and cake at home or at a resto. But that doesn't require this much planning. So maybe you need to tease out whether or not you truly are hoping for a big birthday party and will end up disappointed if you convince yourself you don't.
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