Easiest way to get cellphone photos to the Web?
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There has to be some reputable service that accepts MMS messages from my cell phone and will post my photos to its Web site for free. Right?

The best I can find so far is photobox.co.uk, but their privacy policy seems to say they'll give my phone number away if any third parties want to buy it:

"[We will screw you if] we are in negotiations with a third party for the sale or purchase of any business or assets, in which case we may disclose your personal data to the prospective seller or buyer of such business or assets."

My phone has Bluetooth, but I don't have any other Bluetooth things. I could do this through my friends. But I shouldn't have to. Should I?
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Flickr allows you to do it if you can send an MMS to an email address.
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and tumblr...
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Tagisu.com will do it.
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pretty sure I used to do this with Blogger too.
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Best answer: You can upload to flickr using MMS, so long as you can send MMS to an email address. Similiarly Facebook also allows mobile upload from MMS to email. I'd imagine VOX and Tumblr will allow this too.
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Your wireless carrier may also offer this. For example, Verizon Wireless has vzwpix.com.
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Response by poster: My chain of thoughts:

1. Of course! I am an idiot who tarnishes the MeFi experience.
2. No, wait, my real problem is that I can't send email from my phone because I can't get my phone to use letters in the "to" field.
3. But the Ask people seem so confident that most phones can do this. They can't possibly be so wrong. So I should spend half an hour on the AT&T forum figuring out how to put text in a "to" field.

(half an hour passes)

4. Oh, I hold down the # sign to toggle between letters and numbers. I am so old.
5. Thanks, team.
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