How can I recreate the Gorditos (Seattle restaurant) Salsa at home?
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How can I recreate the Gorditos (Seattle restaurant) Salsa at home?

I love Gorditos, and if you live in the Seattle area, you probably do too. I would eat there every day if I could, and part of the reason for that is their salsa. I think it is some sort of roasted pepper concoction, but my knowledge of mexican salsa's is not so good. I can make a great chunky fresh tomato salsa, but I want to be able to make the salsa I get at Gordito's. Anyone have recipe suggestions?
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Mmmm... Gorditos. I remember Gorditos - good stuff! If I remember correctly, the salsa has a nice smoky taste, no? If not, ignore the rest of this post...

I know this sounds a bit obvious, but when you make your salsa do you roast the peppers? And by this I mean do you take your fresh salsa mix & throw it under the broiler until you see actual black charring occur on the peppers & tomatoes? No? Then do it! Burn, baby, burn!

My & my sweetie make (green) salsa every year out of our garden & we've always broiled the crap out of the fresh ingredients. It produces a rich smoky taste that is pure heaven.

Don't forget salt. And cumin!
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If it is smoky, spicy salsa, there's likely a chipotle in there. Feel free to "cheat" and buy a can of 'em, they're a lovely ingredient to have on hand and keep practically forever in their adobo sauce.
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Weird. Anyway, have you tried asking them? They might turn over the recipe.
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when I move to seattle from AZ where I grew up, I'm going to need some good mexican food. Glad to hear it's not completely absent from the northwest.

Smoky/spicy does indicate either smoked/roasted peppers or chipotle pepper. Hard to know more since I haven't been there.
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