I just wanna know where da gold
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Has anyone here taken the free tour of the New York Federal Reserve? If so, how was it?

Did you get to see lots of gold bullion and cool vaults, or was it more educational and illustrative in nature?
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I went years ago on a school trip. There was a movie about the Fed Reserve and what they do, a mini museum display and then we got to go down to the vault area where, after passing though a like 6 foot thick revolving door, we could see the piles of gold bars behind wire cages. I don't know what changes they may of made in recent years but I found it interesting back then and would like to go back now.
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cap'n science, i dont suppose they allowed photography? i mean, obviously it would make sense if they dont, but with the tour and all, it would be kinda neat to have a touristy photo of myself next to a huge stack of gold bars. just curious.
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