Please help me find a charity I heard about a few years ago.
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I've decided to give away my economic stimulus check to a variety of charities and foundations. I'm trying to locate a particular charity which provided financial support to blues musicians in need of assistance with food, medical bills, home repairs, burial expenses, etc. I've located the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and it seems wonderful, but I do not think this is the organization I am looking for. I don't know much more except that I believe the org I am looking for was founded by one person and more recently than the R&B Foundation. I have lots of ideas for general donations but I'm looking to do something in this niche, so suggestions of any groups providing assistance to out of luck musicians would be great as well...
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Tipitina's Foundation. The mission of the Tipitina’s Foundation is to support Louisiana’s irreplaceable music community and preserve the state’s unique musical cultures. The history of the Tipitina’s Foundation originates from the Tipitina’s music venue, a revered New Orleans cultural icon that continues to be instrumental in the development and promotion of Louisiana music around the world. The Foundation works to support childhood music education, the professional development of adult musicians, and the increased profile and viability of Louisiana music as a cultural, educational, and economic resource.
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I think I remember Bonnie Raitt was involved with helping out older blues musicians...
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Jazz Foundation of America is a wonderful organization whose mission statement is to help jazz and blues musicians who have fallen on hard times. They particularly work to help elderly musicians.
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Bonnie Raitt was involved ...

Rhythm and Blues Foundation
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Meant to add, that's the one rollbiz already mentioned.
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There's also the Musicians' Village project in New Orleans, which builds homes for musicians displaced by Katrina (or who had otherwise-precarious living situations) and will include a performance space and classrooms and foster musical community in the area.
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Another worthy project is Music Maker. Players who have entertained for decades but never recorded are able to make a CD.
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I got those links crossed, but you get the idea
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Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Many New Orleansian musicians have been displaced to nearby Austin, Texas and millions of dollars a year are generated from the Austin live music scene. It's a fantastic organization.
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Thank you all for your suggestions, I will be taking a closer look at each of them...

Thanks especially to dawson, Music Maker is exactly the one I was looking for!
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Arlo Guthrie is involved with one too...he and a bunch of other musicians rode by train from Chicago to New Orleans on...The City Of New Orleans....and played gigs at a bunch of stops. I believe it still exists as well.
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hey that's cool, and great to know, rollbiz.
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I'm going to be putting up a post on my live music blog talking about all of these organizations, by the way...So if anyone has any others, please feel free to add them.
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I'm probably missing the obvious, but would you give a link to yr blog? thanks man...
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dawson- Sorry, I try to be really careful about linking to myself and I forgot that I didn't have it in my profile. It's not there yet, but I'll be posting about these suggestions on The Jivefather soon.
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The post is up. Thank you all for your help!
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