Pentax 35mm with jammed shutter release. Worth saving?
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Pentax K1000, with a jammed shutter release button. I hardly ever use film any more, but have a soft spot for the 35mm format and this camera in particular. It's been jammed for at least ten years. Repair, replace, or junk and move on?
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Yeah, the K1000 was my first real camera, too. It probably wouldn't be too hard to fix. I'd take it to a professional. Fwiw, I sold a similar one, though working, with a couple of lenses, on ebay for more than $350.
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Response by poster: woof, when, crunchy?

'Cause it looks like asking price is a bit less these days - around $60. Hm.
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I guess it was a couple years ago. Someone grabbed it within 6 hours of me posting it, using buy-it-now.
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there was a 35mm camera bubble along with the dot-com bubble. In 1999, a Nikon FE2 or FM2 body could sell on ebay for over $400 in a single day. Now is it is back to $100-$150 for the same body.

You may want to look into other Pentax K-Mount cameras like the ME-Super or even the LX - the ultimate K-Mount pentax.
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crunchland said he included lenses though, which may account for the price - I have lenses that are each worth as much or more than the body of my camera (Canon AE-1p).

mwhybark, a repair place should take a look at it and give you a price estimate at no/little cost. Can't hurt, certainly - though since the bodies are so cheap, they might recommend you just buy another.
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I second the LX suggestion -- great, great camera
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repair it.

this happens to my ME super (which uses the same lenses) all the time--a certain number of ME supers have a defect that causes this to happen, but it's never happened with my K1000. my ME was jammed for about a year and a half, and then one day, pop! it just worked again.

i've been to shops that repair it gratis and those that charge ridiculous sums for it. don't pay a ridiculous sum for it, unless a part has to be replaced. it's usually just a matter of flicking a gasket back into place.

keh cameras (i think it's is a great place for buying used pentax bodies, if you chose to replace it.
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I agree, I'd repair it if you can do so for less than the cost of a second hand one (the camera shop may however advise you it'll cost more to look at it than it's worth). I think it's a good camera, there's little technical jiggery-pokery to go wrong, and there's an easy-to-understand mechanical/optical relationship between how you set it and what it does; you have to work with it to get the results you want instead of having to choose between 11 weird-ass spot metering configurations or nine exposure modes. This is especially gratifying, I think, if you develop and print your own stuff.
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