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Holiday Ideas - Hopefully about a week for 1 - 2 grand (Australian dollars) for 12 people. Can't do cruise.

So just found out the cruise we were planning to take in November has a new policy where people under the age of 21 need to be with a parent or guardian. Unfortunatly in our group three are under the age of 21 (Group ages 19 - 28).

So cruise is out.

Any ideas?
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1-2 grand each? Or for everyone, total? If each, you could do a week in Bali or Laos or Thailand if you found a cheap flight.
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Response by poster: 1 - 2 grand each. Myself and two others of the group just spent two weeks in Bangkok and Phuket in January but we are thinking of it as a place to go...likewise with Bali and Vietnam.
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Out of 9 people no-one wants to be a guardian?

I moved out of home young and on a few occasions had to get housemates to sign things for me, until I was finally 18. Ugh! :)

If it has to be documented and 'legal' as such, find out about temporary guardianships??
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Take a big ski trip, but it'd have to be June-August not November. I have a bunch of mates that go most years for snowboarding for $1500 or so and most universities have "ski clubs" that organise an annual trip for a week, all-in (accom, food, gear hire, lift passes) at $1200-1500 last I looked.

Hire a couple of houseboats on the Murray - waaaay under 2 grand each even in luxury.

If the limit is 2 grand each, you can all take a week at a luxury resort in the Pacific somewhere. Vanuatu, Cook Islands, etc, etc. Probably better in winter though, or pick one in the northern hemisphere that will be a bit cooler in November.

Instead of Bali, what about Borneo? That belies my nature/landscape-seeking, non-partying holiday ideals though which may not match yours.

New Zealand south island is exceedingly awesome - for nature freaks, party-animals and extreme-sports-nuts.
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