Is backordering domain names a racket?
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I backordered an expiring domain name with its current registrar, but someone else got it. Does/should its registrar (& thus by extension, me) have had first dibs on it, if its owner let it expire?

When I asked about this, GoDaddy's customer service said:
"The backorder process is not under our control just because the domain in question was registered through us. Each domain registrar may set up one backorder per domain and it is first-come/first-served on which backorder will capture the domain. "

(...and there's something like 150 registrars, is that right? I wish GoDaddy had been forthcoming about the odds & the process when they solicited my money.)

According to what I've read online (from 2005) the "expiring" registrar should have control of the domain, & might then send it to an auction. Did the rules change since 2005, or am I getting the runaround?
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Godaddy is not the best place to back order a domain from.

If you were really serious about getting the domain you must use a proper company that specialises in the backordering of domains.

read this great article on the subject.

from what i understand the "expiring" registrar has no special controls over who gets first dibs on who gets to re-registrar the domain, infact quiet the contrary. Seems to me more than sensible to have rules preventing that.
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Just because someone else got it does not mean they will necessarily keep it. If whoever got it looks like a domain squatting company, they may just be domain tasting it to see if it would generate enough ad revenue to be worthwhile. If this is the case, expect it to drop again in a few days. You might have another shot at it then. My recent experience with this is here.
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I agree with procrastination. I had 6 domains expire (I screwed up, my fault, no question). I refused to pay the extremely high price to get them back before they went into the pool. I had heard about domain tasting. DO NOT click on the domain for at least the 1st week after they are picked up. I think they have 5 days to decide.

The article complience tries to link to above was really helpful to me.

Also, previously.
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