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Who are some famous athletes who are Scientologists? There are plenty of actors who I hear about being Scientologists but rarely an athlete.
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According to this Wiki page, it's mostly actors. No athletes listed.
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Kenton Gray is a NASCAR driver and a Scientologist.
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Best answer: John Brodie (professional football player and golfer) is a former Scientologist. Does that count for what you're looking for?
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according to this list, carlos palomino.
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* Gymnast Charles Lakes
* Motorcyclist Keith Code
* Skateboarder (and actor) Jason Lee
* Skateboarder Steve Berra
* Auto racer Philippe de Henning

and maybe

* Stuntwoman Cindy Thompson (meaning she was/is definitely a Scientologist, don't know whether you'd count that as an athlete)

All of these with the possible exception of Jason Lee have been featured on the cover of Scientology's Celebrity magazine (as was John Brodie).
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It seems like many scientologist actors are of the early success, followed by a bottoming out where they are "initiated" by $, and then a resurgence. Probably less likely to happen with professional athletes.
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