Recommendations for cheap hostel accomodation in Singapore
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I'm a single 25 year old male staying in Singapore for a couple of days in June I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for cheap places to stay?

I don't know what part of Singapore I should stay in so recommendations/experiences would be welcome, I would prefer to stay in hostelish accommodation with people about my own age.
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I once stayed at the MacKenzie Hostel (site down, but Internet Archive has a copy) which was in little India and very cheap. Although most of the other guests were young, many of them were not backpacking westerners, who seemed, from my brief explorations of the city, to stay in slightly pricier places.
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As far as location is concerned, I would pick The Inn Crowd (Little India), Prince of Wales (Little India), Sleepy Sam's (Kampong Glam), The Hive (Lavender), Fernloft (Chinatown) and the Bugis Backpackers Hostel, all for their proximity and accessibility to the city, sightseeing opportunities, and great food.

Of the above, The Inn Crowd appears to be most suited for young backpackers. Prince of Wales too, but with it being a pub I'm not sure if you'll get a good night's sleep :P

I'm local, so I haven't had any first-hand experience with any of the above.
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Check out you can't get cheaper than free!
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When in doubt, there's always hostelworld.
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I stayed at The New 7th Storey Hotel some years ago - basic but clean. Room then cost $69, it's near Simlin Square (for electronics) and Boat Quay.
Their website appears to be down at the moment but TripAdvisor sez:
"This is a brilliant budget hotel. Clean, comfortable, staff helpful and pleasant, very affordable. I arrived at 3am exhausted, was in bed in minutes with no fuss at all. Also in a very convenient location"
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I stayed at the Hive. One of the cheapest hostels around, free internet, free breakfast, pretty clean, friendly staff and they responded promptly to my emails.
It was right across an MRT station, which also had a food court. Should you find yourself hungry at 3 am in the morning, another eatery was across the street with friendly people.

You might want to check that out.
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