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Suggest a good tailor in Toronto?

Looking to get some ladies' clothing altered to fit-
a semi-formal dress taken in, and darts put into women's dress shirts.

Seeking a reasonably-priced tailor in Toronto, ideally on the TTC line.
(although fat lot of good that'd be this week, stupid strike!)
Thanks in advance!
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Darts are quite easy to do, so just about any decent tailor can do them. Try Chinatown, since they probably do petite quite often as well. There are the stores, but I think they overcharge for doing something as simple as pant-legs or darts. In my experience, the most inexpensive tailors are retired ladies who watch their grandkids during the day and have wicked skills. (Gross generalization, I know.) They advertise by putting things up at bulletin boards or on utility poles. Give them something simple and somewhat throwaway to do first to see if you like them.

For the semi-formal thing, you want someone really skilled. I used to have the number of an older lady who lived in the Bathurst and Queen area who made a great dress for me for a wedding for next to nothing. (Less than $100 including labour and materials.) I lost her number because the last time I wanted a dress altered, she said she was really busy with a wedding and then I misplaced her number. BUT the thing is, I got her number off of a paper ad that she tapes to the inside of the streetcar shelters on Bathurst (at Queen) but I have also seen them on the Spadina line. I saw them again, as recently as March, but didn't have the presence of mind to take a little tag as I do not forsee any ballgowns in my immediate future. But, as I said, I know for sure I saw her ads as recently as March.

I will go rummage for this number, but I don't think I do. If I find it, I'll email/memail you.
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There are a number of clothing ateliers on Queen West and the Beaches that will do this. Their main line of business is selling clothing that they have designed, but they also do alterations if it's slow. I have had good experiences with Any Direct Flight and Eza.
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Sydney on Queen street is an amazing tailor.
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