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What are the best things to do/see in Ottawa and Montreal from June 26th to June 30th (I do realize that I am just missing the amazing Canada Day activities in Ottawa but can't help it).

Visiting Montreal for the first time in 6 years. I used to love Jazz Fest, Just for Laughs, Grand Prix, shopping on Rue St. Catherines and Vieux-Port. What should we see? Where should we eat? (we still love smoked meat)

As for Ottawa, what kind of activities go on, if any, before Canada Day.
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The Ottawa Jazz Festival will be on then. As will the Fringe Festival. The National Gallery will no doubt have some blockbuster exhibit on.

Otherwise, enjoy the weather - lots of outdoor patios at restaurants / pubs all over town. Go hiking / biking in Gatineau park if you want some time out of the city.

Email / MefiMail if you want more specific info.
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Have you been to the Canadian Museum of Civilization? My family took a trip to Ottawa a few years ago and that is what I remember most fondly. They have some really cool contemporary Native art along with the historical parts of the collection IIRC.
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It's Rue Ste-Catherine. No S at the end.

The Jazz Festival will be on in Montreal – it's on from June 26 till July 6 this year. Lots of free outdoor shows, as usual.

Saturday, June 28 there will be Italian fireworks at La Ronde and visible from various other locations around the waterfront, part of the annual fireworks festival.

The Grand Prix will be over, and the comedy fest doesn't take place till mid-July.
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Events in Ottawa in late June.

The Fringe festival sometimes has some fine shows. The Cdn Museum of Civilization is a must-see - it's got a special Glenn Gould exhibit if you like classical music.

The other museums are the Museum of Science and Technology. the National Gallery, the Museum of Nature, the Canadian War Museum and as well an Aviation Museum.

In terms of walking, a stroll by the Rideau Canal and Byward market area is a must, as is the stroll across the Alexandria bridge over to the Museum of Civilization. The bike paths along the Ottawa River and the Rideau Canal are great.
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In Montreal, rent a bike by the water and bike down the canal Lachine. Gorgeous, gorgeous ride, not boring but not terribly arduous. Bring a picnic lunch or figure out a way to lock up the bike so that you can shop for your picnic lunch at the Atwater Market.
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In Montreal, I believe Schwartz is still king of smoked meat. For meat lovers, I highly recommend Au pied de cochon for a unique carnivorous experience.
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