Blackberry Ringer Woes
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Hivemind, help me make my ringer louder on my Blackberry 8830.

I have a Blackberry 8830 through Sprint. I loaded my own MP3 as a ringer and it plays fine through the media player but, even with the profile set to load, I can barely hear it when it rings. I have missed several calls due to this and it is driving me crazy.

Google has several options that have not worked and in one attempt, bricked the phone.
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i have a blackberry 8100 (pearl), so maybe none of what i say will apply. but just in case...

on my pearl, i can select different profiles (loud/vibrate/quiet/normal). but within each profile, i can still go in and set/adjust the volume (and tune/tone) for events like the phone ringing, receiving an sms msg, mms msg, calendar event, etc.

so maybe someone or something (like a glitch) messed with your settings?

(or maybe youve already checked this out.)
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another thing with my pearl is that oftentimes, if the ringer is set to "Vibrate + Tone," it will only vibrate for some reason. not quite sure why - i havent ever bothered to try to figure it out. could just be i have a setting wrong.
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If you look at your active Profile and the volume is set to High, there isn't too much you can do. I find mp3s are usually much quieter than ringers. Which is annoying.

gcat, if you have your ringer set to Vibrate + Phone it will vibrate 3 times THEN ring.

Hope that helps!
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oh, hey, thanks, HTB. i guess i never gave it a chance.
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Response by poster: Best I have come up with is using a .wav. It is louder but a much larger file footprint. I really want the MP3 thing to work.
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Best answer: Your mp3 file has a specific loudness, you should be able to edit the file so that the loudness is increased. Whether that results in your Blackberry actually playing the mp3 louder I don't know.
(I remember a program I used to use for ripping CDs had the option to normalize the mp3s to a certain loudness so that you wouldn't end up with one song being really quiet, forcing you to turn up the volume, and then the next one being really loud and destroys your ears. So there should be a way to do this with your mp3 as well.)
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