Homer sings a patriotic song
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SimpsonsFilter: help me find this five-second clip of Homer singing a patriotic song.

There was a bit in a Simpsons episode from a few years ago that goes roughly like this: Someone (Marge or Lisa, I think) is describing some sort of American excess--if I remember correctly, it was food-related. In response, Homer tearfully sings a few words from a patriotic American song--something like the national anthem, God Bless America, or America the Beautiful.

Can anyone remember the episode, or at least the song Homer sings?
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Are you thinking of "Bart Vs. Australia"?
Ward: Hello. Now, everything is all set for Bart's apology. Mr. Conover will meet you at the parliament house at three p.m. Questions?
Bart: Yeah, do the toilets go backwards in here?
Ward: No. To combat homesickness, we've installed a device that makes them swirl the correct American way.
[he flushes the toilet]
[it swirls one way, then a machine kicks in and makes it swirl the other way]
Homer: [singing] Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing...[weeps]
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Blarg, forgot to link. Bart vs. Australia.
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Bingo. I knew I could trust MetaFilter. Thanks, Skot!
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"Bart vs. Australia" was re-run on Fox Chicago tonight! Cebailey, you truly have your finger on the pulse of all things Simpson.
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