In SF, wants HP, leaves SAT, help!
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I'm in downtown San Francisco for a couple of days. Where can I buy an HP Mini-Note?
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I don't believe there are any retailers stocking the Mininote just yet, it's not as popular as the Eee to be carried in a Best Buy-esque store, so if you really want it and taxes/shipping to Sweeden would be difficult, you can order it online from or J&R Music Store and have to shipped via FedEx Overnight (w/ Saturday delivery) to an address you're staying at.

Otherwise, I'd just find someone you know in the states to order from Newegg and ship it to you as a "gift".
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It's not in stores yet, at least not at any of the retailers I've called in Houston, TX. You can also order it online from HP directly (my approach), or try calling the HP resellers in San Francisco.
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I don't believe its in stores, and still is in preorder phase. Ordering one from HP brings up an estimated ship date of 5/9/2008.
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Side Note: Is it possible this little guy is already available for purchase to medical professionals? I could have sworn this is the same computer that my doctor printed my excused absence form from yesterday. It looks exactly the same.
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