How do I restore iPhone 1.2/2.0 to 1.1.4?
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I sloppily upgraded my 1.1.4 iPhone to 1.2 (2.0 Beta). The phone is locked and I cannot restore through iTunes. I only have a Windows machine at the moment. Can I get it back without going to the AT&T/Apple Store?

I didn't realize this was an illegal, bad thing to do. Nor did I realize you couldn't at least reset to the earlier firmware (which I have as an IPSW file). Is there anyway I can set it so that I can just get it back to the original out-of-the-box (1.1.4) state? Apparently I can unlock it via Pwnage with a Mac, will this work through VMWare Workstation and Tiger? Is USB 2.0 support good enough for that? Is there anyway I can do it on Windows Vista or XP?

Also if I bring it back to the store do they just reset it there? Is it a big deal?
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When you say the phone is locked, what do you mean?
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Response by poster: I turn it on and there's a connect to iTunes graphic with a purple background, in the center of the top bar (the row where the battery indicator and wireless reside) there's a little security lock. I can only "Slide for emergency" ... there's also a little "i" info button in the lower right above the slide. When I click it, my IMEI and ICCID are displayed.

When I connect to iTunes the "Restore" button and home iTune page is replaced with "We're unable to complete your activation," along with text about what to do if you're in the Enterprise or Developer program. There's nothing for me to do but eject.
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You should be able to do it with WinPwn, the equivalent of Pwnage for Windows. If you bring it back to the store, they may deny your request for warranty repairs...
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Response by poster: WinPwn won't even load the correct firmware (unknown file type).
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Response by poster: WinPwn won't even open the 1.2 image (Unknown File).
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Response by poster: Okay got it back. I held down the "home" button with it plugged into the USB port, started iTunes and it put it into recovery mode. It errored out the first two recovery attempts (1015 and 5) but then worked on the third attempt.
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