Help me sell an office's furniture in SoCal.
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What is the best way to sell office furniture in Southern California (Orange County)?

I have an entire small office worth of office furniture that is less than a year old and needs to be sold within about the next month. The company we bought from is not being helpful. With Craigslist as a last resort, what is the best way to sell an entire office's furniture and get a decent amount for it? I realize we won't get anywhere near what we paid, but it's pretty nice furniture, including a big conference table, leather chairs, and several big, nice desks and other furniture. We also have a phone system to sell, a server, copier, and that sort of thing, so if you know who to sell that sort of thing to, that would be great, too.
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My guess would be that there are probably businesses out there who do estate sales for companies, similar to how they would for homes. It might be called liquidation sales or something like that, but I would look around for people or businesses like this who do this sort of thing and have the connections to buy your stuff up.
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I've bought office furniture at the office equivalent of yard sales where someone put out a big sign at the nearest busy street. But I suspect getting a "decent amount" for it will cost you so much in time/labor that you'll wish you'd just sold it for pennies on the dollar to a used office furniture store/lease company. I know liquidators will come to bid on large lots (I've bid in bankruptcy sale/auctions), but they don't offer a lot of money, and I'm not sure what you have qualifies as a large lot. My advice is to take pictures, mark down model numbers, make a list, print out copies and fax it / bring it around to used office furniture stores.
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East Anaheim:
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