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I am taking the Praxix II - Elementary Education (0014) this Saturday. Needless to say, I'm a bit behind in studying. The good news is that I am on vacation this week and have some time to dedicate to the cause. Also, I took my Praxis I in November and scored very well, I am looking for guidance on how to study for the inevitable history, science and theory questions that I have not thought about in the 13 years since I graduated college. I did purchase the REA book, have completed 2 practice tests and am copying the answers I got wrong onto notecards. Does it sound like I am on the right track?
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Response by poster: And yes, I did spell Praxis wrong!
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You've got four days until the test. The right thing to do at this point is get lots of sleep, exercise, and start eating "brain food" the day before the test. Make sure that you're well-hydrated and well-rested on the morning of the test and eat breakfast. Eggs are ideal.

Ultimately, at this point cramming and getting anxious will likely do you more harm than good. Other option: schedule the test for several months from now and ask the same question, then we can give you advice on actually studying for it.

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Good luck, I'll be taking a Praxis on Saturday too, only in High School English. I took the Reading Specialist one a few years back.

Study your philosophers...Vgotsky is a favorite of theirs.

Keep doing what you're doing.
I can only offer some other test taking tips...
-get there early so you get a good seat where you're comfortable.
-WORK the test - by that I mean, cross out answers you know aren't right, it helps you focus in on the right answers. Circle key phrases and words, like EXCEPT.
-Do a brain dump in the beginning if there is info you're afraid you'll forget. Just jot down some key phrases, words or mnemonics (for example, ESAAUK for Bloom's Taxonomy) on the booklet as soon as you can begin. Erase them when you're done.
-Bring a notepad and leave it in the car. When you leave, try to jot down as many things you remember that you didn't know while it's fresh in your head, just in case you have to take it again, you'll know what to study better.

You might want to try to Google the test name and number. I found a post at a bulletin board site that pertained to my test and it was very helpful in that they listed some authors and works I hadn't studied up on.

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I took the same test you're taking a month ago and I just got an award from ETS congratulating me on scoring in 99th percentile. Did I study? No. Why? Because the test is a piece o' cake. Don't sweat it. Seriously. The test only covers pre-8th grade content: very basic geometry and algebra, art and music questions that any person who watches PBS--or reads MetaFilter!--can answer, reading comprehension questions that any adult reader can answer. You will definitely pass.

Words to include in your written responses:
guided practice
independent practice
learning modalities
Total Physical Response
learning styles
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the responses - Vygotsky isn't even mentioned in the prep book I have so I will find that information elsewhere. Most of the questions are easy to rule out incorrect answers and I don't get test anxiety (other than having to be there at 7am on a Saturday!). All in all, I am confident that I will pass and I really want to spend my limited time refreshing my mind about those things I've forgotten!
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