Best script/plugin for social networking?
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Out-of-the-box script for building a small social networking site?

I'm wanting to build a niche-y little social networking site, and am looking for the perfect platform upon which to do it - quickly and easily. I'm a fairly accomplished Wordpress hacker, so I know I could string together a new WP install with a bunch of plugins. But is there something better that does all the requisite stuff (forums, profiles, blogs, private messaging, classifieds, etc.) with one clean install? Or one big WP plugin that does it all?

I'm aware of Pligg, but I'm not sure if that's the ticket. And I hate Drupal. Thanks in advance!
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Response by poster: Thanks Memo, but most of those threads seem to deal with hosted solutions, which don't fit the bill. I'm wondering if anybody has tackled the full-on web2.0 thing for Wordpress.

Elgg does seem interesting, tho.
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Have you looked at Ning?
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Response by poster: Broady: Yes, but I want something self-hosted. Thanks, tho.
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You can ask ning for the source code and host it yourself. really.
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