I want to write for interesting online magazines
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I am looking for online magazines to submit art/literature/experimental/fun articles to. I think 'The Believer' magazine is a good example of the type I crave. UK based would be best, but not completely necessary.

Any ideas?
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Good luck getting anything into The Believer, they are being pounded with submissions and you are a lot more likely to hear back if you are agented.
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Best answer: Triple Canopy
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Provided your looking to develop yourself as a writer and get exposure - start a blog. Own your own writing. Once you start to build up a rhythm and a (small) following you can shop yourself around to bigger publications (print or otherwise). They will probably respond more positively to you cold-contacting them then AND you'll be building up an archive of your writing rather than scattering it in the wind.
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Response by poster: I have written a blog for some time and feel like to time has come to dip my toes in the main stream.

I discovered Triple Canopy through a past Mefi post, great stuff.

Any other ideas?
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Best answer: Lots to choose from over at Duotrope.
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Best answer: Not quite on the same level as The Believer, but a friend of mine runs an up-and-coming UK free magazine that’s beginning to get a bit of coverage and attention – Mustard. He might be interested in articles, though it leans towards humour. Probably not any money in it though.
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(Mustard is more of a print thing though, but so is The Believer)
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Derek Powazek's Fray quarterly magazine takes submissions of true stories and original art centered around themes. The next issue is currently taking submission for the "Geek" theme.
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Best answer: Here is a long list of literary journals (it's the directory of the Council of Literary Magazines and Presses). Start browsing!
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