Bed, bath and lingerie shower giftHelp me find a cool gift for my cousin's bed, bath and lingerie themed bridal shower.
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Help me find a cool gift for my cousin's bed, bath and lingerie themed bridal shower.

I've only been to one bridal shower before and I showed up with a cheap lingerie set from Ross because I thought the lingerie theme was a joke. Not so, as it turned out, and everyone else brought really nice stuff. Help me not embarrass myself this time, please. I saw this thread but the suggestions I liked (beach and picnic baskets) weren't in keeping with my cousin's theme.

- no more than $40 or so
- something unique and original
- nothing too sexy (I would feel weird giving her something super-sexy with my mom and sister there)
- I'm flying there and I would rather not check my luggage, which means no liquids or gels. I realize that this is really limiting and I may cave and check my bag anyway if I'm out of options.

More info:
- she's not registered anywhere
- I live in the SF Bay Area, she lives in Chapel Hill NC
- she's a librarian, he's a musician
- the wedding is in July
- I don't know her fiance at all or what their relationship is like, things they like to do or where the honeymoon is, etc.

That's about it - thanks for your help!
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A cursory search of etsy provides this lovely satin set for $44.
Otherwise, you really can't go wrong with Hanky Panky. I wear their underpinnings almost exclusively because they are just that comfortable.
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if this were me, and i wanted to do this fun, cheapish, not-super-sexy and liquid-free, i'd punt the lingerie idea and focus instead on the bath. to me the first thing that came to mind is a multi-bath gift basket, that comes with all the ingredients for the functional bath (good cute scrubbies, etc), the romantic bath (candles that fit next to the tub, a windeglass?), and the fun bath (because everyone still loves a rubber ducky).
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Vintage lingerie! What about a quilted satin robe from the 1940s? or a 1930s bias cut silk negligee?

Gift certificates for girly-girl services like massages, manicures and facials are also good and do not take up much luggage space.
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Wow, i would so love a party like this. Not so much the lingerie but I love bath products.
How about a nice gift box from Lush? This one looks like it's in your range.
I would recommend Villainess products, except that they're mostly out of stock at the moment.
Another place to look for handmade bath products is -- choices to suit every budget and preference.
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Would she like some modal sheets? Modal is made from beechwood by essentially the same process that makes rayon. It feels like rayon without the durability problems. Depending on the cotton/modal blend, a sheet set will cost anywhere from $20 to $150. They're all I use anymore.
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How about some nice items to go along with new lingerie? Perhaps some scented sachets to hang or place in drawers along with her lingerie? You could add in some nice hangers along with some specialty detergent for lingerie (powdered, if liquid is an issue for travel).
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Just for the bath gift-basket thing... find the L.E.D. Ice Cubes... better than candles, waterproof, cast a wonderful glow in the dark.
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I'd imagine a sunny Sunday morning spent in bed, luxuriating in crisp sheets and a warm body next to you. Maybe a cute little pajama set, a camisole and breezy shorts (so much easier to unwrap in front of family than a crotchless teddy). Maybe a breakfast-in-bed tray with a box of quality pancake mix and a citrus juicer.

Pillowcases are great bedding to buy for someone, as well; they don't have to match the rest of the linen, it's fun to mix and match and constantly switch them out, they're much less expensive and bulky than a full bedding set, and most pillowcases will fit most pillows. I'm imagining a little giftbox full of patterned and solid pillowcases in coordinating colors rolled up and tied with ribbons.
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I agree with forrest - modal sheets are the best! Also, I have one of these Serasoft quilted throws and I love it. Very warm and comfortable. I bought it to keep in the guest room but now I use it all the time!
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One word of warning on the Lush products -- if she is at all sensitive to fragrances, she will find most Lush products completely overpowering. If I had opened a Lush gift box at my bridal shower, I would have had a vomiting, can't-see-can't-speak migraine inside of 30 seconds. End of shower. I know people love them, but oh jeebus at the strong. Sorry to be a spoilsport.

Sheets are good. Yay sheets! Bamboo is awesome -- even softer than modal, and more durable, I think. A complete set at regular price would be out of your range, but you can find them on sale, especially in non-standard colors. (And if they're not on sale, then go with Juliet Banana's suggestion and focus on the pillowcases!)
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