Monitored Medical Alert Services
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Medical Alert services for aging parents - Which ones are recommended as the best in the U.S.?

I searched AskMeFi on this subject and found a couple of threads, but they are are a year or two old, so I am hoping for any updated information. My wife's parents are in their 80's and not too mobile and she worries that something could happen where a phone can't be reached to call emergency services.

I Googled "Medical Alert Services" and "Medical Alert Pendants" and from the number of returns I got, this kind of thing is obviously a booming business. We need a monitored service with the emergency pendant that can be worn around the house in case it is needed in a hurry. I've heard that some of these services can be ummm... less than ethical, calling the user (not the person that is paying for it, which would be us) and pressuring them to upgrade the service or whatever.

Anyone have experience with using one of these services and can recommend it as a good service that gives peace of mind to the remote family members as well as the aging parents?
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Well I can't say about the medical alert but along the same lines for hikers is this.
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