Searching for laser portrait background.
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where can i find an image of the fuzzy laser background that was used in school pictures in the 80's and early 90's?

do you remember the fuzzy lasers background? it was a greyish backdrop with different colored lasers over the top. not a lot of lasers, just a few. and they were diffused to make them look kind of fuzzy or blurry. a lot of kids had this in portraits back in the 80's and early 90's. i have searched high and low through google and have found nothing. i'd prefer it to be a large image size, but at this point, i'll take anything. even if there's a kid in the photo, i can photoshop them out. thanks so much for your help!
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this one or this one you mean?

Try asking the blog poster on the first post.... maybe he'll send it to you .. seems he's been asked before.
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What about this one? Its really small but is that what your looking for? If so i remember the company Lifetouch used to do our pictures at school so maybe you can email them and ask them if they have it.
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Haha, I remember being so disappointed that my mom didn't pick that background for my school pictures. 1991 seems to be a big year for lasers. Or here's a couple more.
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thanks so much, everybody! none of these are exactly what i was remembering, but they're all awesome and i really appreciate it. take care!
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Try this site? Via the blue.
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