Why won't my Nokia E51 access Orange's 3G network?
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Why won't my Nokia E51 access Orange (UK)'s 3G network?

So I got this new Nokia E51, unlocked. Its tech specs are supposed to be GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UTMS 850/2100. I've had no problems accessing Rogers/Fido's 3G UTMS network on the 850 band in Canada, but since I've returned to the UK I can only access the 2G network through Orange. I'm on PAYG if it's relevant. I was under the impression that Orange's 3G network in the UK operates on the 2100 band. The settings on the phone are to "dual-mode" (GSM/UTMS) so I don't think that's the problem. I can access data services (very slowly) so I know the WAP settings etc are correct too. Any thoughts?
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Wikipedia (right there under the "key features" chart): "The North American 2100 band is incompatible with the European 2100 band." Can't find anything beyond that, nor a reference. Still looking, though.
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Ah. Wikipedia again:

UMTS / HSDPA / HSUPA devices operate in the UMTS frequency bands 800/850/1900/2100 or 850/1700/1900/2100 MHz:

2100 (downlink) / 1900 (uplink) for Europe, Brazil and Asia (usually referred simply as W-CDMA 2100)

2100 (downlink) / 1700 (uplink) for America (e.g. T-Mobile USA)

So: it doesn't work because European 3G networks use 2100 for the uplink and 1900 for the downlink, whereas North American 3G networks use 2100 for the uplink and 1700 for the downlink.
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That would be my guess, anyhow. (I'm kind of out of my depth with phone networks.)
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Did you use the same SIM card in Canada and the UK? Is your UK card from a long time contract? I had the same problem once, and it turned out the card I got years ago could not do 3G. It got exchanged for a new one and 3G worked fine.
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It wouldn't be a coverage issue, would it? I know I sometimes get 3G and sometimes not, but that's in the US.
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