Activities for bipolar children in Seattle?
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Summer programs for bipolar children in Seattle?

Do you know of any summer programs specifically for bipolar children in the Seattle area? Most of the camps I can find are for kids on the spectrum or with physical disabilities, and aren't set up in the best way for a hyperactive, bipolar, kindergarten-age child.

(Anon to respect my child's privacy, that's all.)
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I didn't know bipolar was a diagnosis they handed out to five year-olds.

You might also consider sending the kid to a regular camp but enlisting someone (when I lived in DC area this was possible through various county youth volunteer agencies, probably only for country-run camps though) to go to camp with him and help out specifically with him for his particular needs when they arise. Gives the counselors a break and you some peace of mind. I did this once and had great fun with my kid over the summer.

Just a thought in case you can't find anyplace that advertises expertise in handling kindergarten age bipolars.
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Bipolar is not a common diagnosis among children, especially ones that young, so I doubt you'll find a program specifically for elementary-aged bipolar kids. I'm sure there are programs geared toward kids with some sort of hyperactivity disorder, so those might be your best bet.
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Here's what my wife (bi-polar and a mod for a large clinical depression forum) said when I asked her "what is the youngest age that can be clinically diagnosed bi-polar?":

"That's highly controversial. It used to be puberty but now it's as low as 4 years old, although the lithium type drugs are the only ones that really work and you can't take them until you are 18. has more stuff on it."

Maybe this site has info about camps, or can direct you.
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