FREE(x+y+z)=backed up DVD
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Finish this Windows math question: FREE(x+y+z)=backed up DVD

OK so apparently I am one of the last 4 people in the world who is not backing up their dvds. I tried, and I thought I could do it thanks to Lifehacker but I am dumb.

What software do I need and what are the steps to backing up...oh yeah free would be best but maybe i'll shell out for an easy solution.
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DVDShrink. Free. Easy beyond belief. Google it. No hmtl skills here. It only has like 2 buttons. Open disk, and backup.
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Seconding DVDshrink.
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Response by poster: I tried dvdshrink but it mentioned needing nero to burn - is nero the only option?
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Best answer: according to this , it doesnt need Nero. Its a good guide though, and its a lot easier than even this page shows.
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dvdshrink produces .iso files that anything at all can burn, not just nero.
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Best answer: Use imgburn. It's free and does the job well. Just select the DVD image created by DVDshrink and burn it.
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DVDshrink is good, DVDfab is better (but not free). Rips a lot of copy protected discs that DVDshrink can't, and you don't need to install another burning utility.
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The Nero requirement for DVDshrink is only for direct burn (from the DVDshrink interface). DVDshrink can also output a sinple .iso file that many (most?) DVD burning suites can use (you just need to look for an *image* to disk option). DVDshrink is really super and very easy (and free!). You can strip off extra stuff and compress your movie to fit onto a regular single layer disk.
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I use DVD Decrypter + DVD Shrink + Nero. Occasionally I have to resort to RipIt4Me (which acts as a front end for DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink). Any .iso burning software will work in place of Nero.
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Check out this list from Lifehacker.
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The best Windows CD/DVD burning software I've found so far, free or not, is InfraRecorder. A fast, clean, no-extra-garbage install and uninstall, and the software Just Works. It includes a useful optional wizardy sort of initial interface (InfraExpress) that does pretty much what the Nero Start Smart thing does, only quickly and with less of the distracting eye candy and none of the bullshit bundled software (Nero Scout ack pfui). It's free (GPL) and works fine for burning .iso files made by DVD Shrink.
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