How many Boston Marathon runners qualified and how many ran for charity?
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Is there any way to find out the percentage of Boston Marathon runners that qualified for the race vs. the percentage that gained entry through other means (charities and such)?
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Best answer: The only numbers I can find on the website make it seem as if the number of charity runners is pretty low:
The B.A.A. accepts a limited number of new organizations each year, each to receive 15 waivers per year for a period for up to three years. These entries do not require a qualifying time but do require that runners acknowledge that they can complete a marathon within 6 hours and will abide by all other B.A.A. rules and regulations.
There are only about 25 organizations shown on that page. More than 25,000 runners started yesterday.

That would make a very small percentage of charity runners. I think that number must be incomplete.
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Best answer: On here if you scroll down to the course map it opens a flash window and under the "fun facts" it says 1000 participants representing 16 charities.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Both great answers and exactly what I needed!
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According to yesterday's Wall Street Journal, there were "1,275 so-called 'charity runners.'"
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Don't forget corporate and technology sponsors. I work for Hewlett-Packard as a technology sponsor we are granted 75 waivers each (according to an internal press release). I imagine there are other corporate sponsors that are offered similar deals.
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My brother ran it a few years ago via a corporate waiver; I would not be surprised if that number is higher than the number of charity waivers. I counted 40 contributers and sponsors, and if each gets 75 waivers that would be 3000.
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+1 That there are probably a lot more corporate waiver runners than charity. Last year I received a waiver for the NY Marathon from ING. If I recall correctly, there were about 150 available. TedW's suggestion sounds more than plausible.
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Best answer: From Gina Kolata's article on getting into Boston in todays NYT: "only 1,275 of 25,000 in the race ran for nonprofit groups like the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training."
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