Downsampling to an ipod
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I'm looking for a program that lets me do on-the-fly downsampling to my ipod.

Right now I'm still using my trusty 4Gb Ipod mini so I like to downsample my mp3's from 320kbs/lossless to 160kbs so that I can get a few extra albums on. I don't believe Itunes or Winamp has a plug-in to allow downsampling during transfers but I might not have looked hard enough. Right now I'm using a trial version of Sveta portable audio but it seems really cumbersome to me considering that I have to find a folder album and wait for that one folder to transfer before I can even start to look for another folder to queue up which means that I'm stuck transferring one album at a time over the course of a night instead of being able to queue up everything at one time and then just letting it run over night. I also can't seem to get Sveta to work with some of my media files which is also frustrating me though I'm sure that's more my fault than Sveta's. (Then there's the fact that you can't effectively run Sveta in a window which aggravates me to no end because I can't stand any window being full screen [I don't even watch dvd's at full screen on my pc].)

Am I just Sveta wrong? Or does anyone have a program that makes downsampling a breeze? Or should I bite the bullet and make a separate directory of 160kbs mp3's for ease of use?
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Don't know how it works with the iPod. But when I'm using a standard USB MP3 Player (Mass Storage mode, a Nokia e61i if you're curious), going to the Preferences menu in Winamp shows an entry for its drive letter in the Media Library -> Portables tree. Clicking on that and going to the Transcoding tab allows you to set the maximum allowed bitrate without transcoding, and you can specify the transcoding options for anything higher than the above specified bitrate.
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MediaMonkey (the paid version) does this.
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i use anapod explorer (windows app) to manage my ipod. it lets me downsample my mp3s and convert flac/wav/whatever to mp3s with the appropriate dlls installed. when i want to transfer a whole bunch (i did about 500 mp3s sunday night) i just copy all the folders into a new folder and right click on the folder and select 'send to ipod'...
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