New summer shades.
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I want to buy some quality mens sunglasses. I want them to be polarized, comfortable, and stylish. What are your recommendations?

So far, I like these Maui Jim's but want to hear your recommendations before splurging.
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My only suggestion is to stay with brand names for companies which actually manufacture sunglasses. Tommy Hilfiger, Prada, et al, do not good shades make. Do your research with a focus on company history, quality, and warranty at the top of your list. Every manufacturer has similar styles, thus style should be secondary to build quality.

Ray Ban, the Bose of sunglasses, despite all of its (in some cases justified) detractors at the end of the day still make a good product. Ralph Lauren... meh... not so much.
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i like spy sunglasses. i'm on my second pair. lots of different (stylish) styles, and i know they offer polarized lenses.

i got a great deal on my last pair thru ebay. you may want to visit a retailer first - the last pair i got were a bit tight at first pair always fit great, and i wore them into the ground.
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Personally, I recommend Serengeti Eyewear sunglasses in general, and the Large Aviators in particular. I've had 2 pair, in the last 15 years. They are good about warranty repairs, when needed. You see a lot of these around general aviation FBO (Flight Base Operation) centers.

Model# 5222
Frame Color: Matte Black
Lens Color: Drivers Gradient
Size Information
Base Curve: 6 Rx
Temple Length: 140mm
Lens Size: 63.8 x 55.4 x 67.5mm DBL 13mm

I would think carefully about polarizing lenses for driving or piloting, as there is a school of thought that in these endeavors, flare glare is a valuable warning of water or oil in the road, or other traffic in the pattern, aloft. Fishing or boating, polarization is great.

I wore Ray-Ban before these.
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My Bolles have served me well despite my propensity for squishing them.
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Completely agree with paulsc -- polarized is bad if you need to spot wet patches on the road ahead. Messed me up while biking. I no longer wear polarized.
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I have two pairs of Maui Jim's. I like them both a lot as far as lenses, comfort and style go. However, one of them, I've had to send in for repair twice because that little bolt that holds the lenses on keeps coming loose. I keep tightening it, but eventually I miss it or it strips (I think the threads are plastic) and it falls off and disappears. One of them is loosening up for a third time, so I imagine I will ultimately have to send them in again.

When I've sent them in for repair, their policy is to charge $8.95 for return shipping, which I think is outrageous for sunglasses at this price point. Both times I have complained, and both times they have ultimately waived the fee. Still...leaves me with a bad taste.

Last time I had to send them in was just as I was about to leave for a trip to Costa Rica, so I picked up a pair of these, which have plastic lenses, thinking that I would use them for sports once the other pair was returned. However, I've been surprised to find that I actually like these better than the glass lensed pair.

I notice that they've discontinued the Ahi, so maybe that was just a lemon from the start. Overall, I still like them both despite the bit of hassle I've had.
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I LOVE Smiths.
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Also beware that it'll be a bitch to read any sort of screen if you're wearing polarized lenses, like, perhaps, on an MP3 player. And that you'll see some crazy chromatic abnormalities if you look through tinted glass.
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Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO)® makes distortion disappear. No more seeing things here that really aren’t there and vice versa. With HDO, you’ll find rocks, flagsticks, and steps where they are supposed to be. HDO meets and exceeds the American National Standards Institute clarity testing requirements. Oakley developed High Definition Optics® to meet the demands of the world’s greatest athletes.
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The Smith Method in particular are a pretty awesome pair of sunglasses. I've yet to see a guy they don't look good on.
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My sister in law is an optometrist and I am a sunglasses freak. She, and all her optometrist friends, say Maui Jim and Revo. I've only ever worn Revo, but I've worn alot of it, and it never fails to be a million times better than everything else.

In their "real glasses" offices they also sell Ray Ban and Oakley. But they do not praise them.
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My optometrist friend also recommends Maui Jim. I was on the fence about getting these, but in the end i decided to get them. They are some great driving glasses and are comfortable and lightweight.

I would goto Sunglass Hut and try different styles there, preferably one where you can look outside on a sunny day and see if you like the optics. Once you've narrowed your choice down, look to buy online. I was lucky REI had the Paradise online and found a coupon code to lower the price. I saved $40 off MSRP, which is great because i've never seen MJs on sale.
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i love my oakleys. and im never getting non-polarized again.
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AO are fine. Half the price of Raybans and better quality.
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Ray-Ban Aviators or Wayfarers. I own pairs of both and I love them.

Won't break the bank either.
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netbros: Why the marketdroid cut-and-paste? ^_^
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