Any experience with uterine prolapse?
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I have a friend who is having a uterine prolapse. It's not an emergency, she WILL be visiting her doctor. As her friend and major part of her support team, I'm hoping you might be able to provide some insightful stories about what to expect from surgery and stuff like that.

She's embarrassed and bummed.

Any advice or "light at the end of the tunnel" stories are greatly appreciated.
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She shouldn't be embarrassed... it's not her fault, nor can she control it.
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No experience, but I wish her the best.
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About 50% of all women who have ever had a baby have some uterine or vaginal prolapse, and about 11% of all women will undergo an operation to correct prolapse. It's so common that your friend really needn't be embarrassed.

There are almost always no serious health consequences, so unless the prolapse is uncomfortable, or is causing bladder problems, she may not even need any treatment.

If she does go ahead and have surgery she will usually be advised to take 6 weeks off work, during which time she shouldn't do any heavy lifting. That's when you can probably be most useful, helping with shopping, driving, and other household tasks.
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Thanks, folks, I really appreciate it. And roofus, that's exactly what she needs to hear. We didn't see any stats like that on the web and the doc she had when she had her last child told her she should just get a hysterectomy. He was really crass and I'm sure that's where her embarrassment stems from.

So, thanks again, I know I feel better and she will too!
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