Mobile phone streaming music recommendations?
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Can you recommend streaming music services/sites - for mobile phones?

So I've got an AT&T WM6 phone and an unlimited data plan.
I'm fine for loading my own music on it, but I need exposure to new/different music.
AT&T offers a limited (to top 40, basically) version of XM for $8/month.
Worth it?
Any other mobile music streaming services to recommend?

Then there's websites that will stream for free, like SomaFM (old favorite) and (great idea, but commercials and the interface get me down) - anyone have any other recommendations?

Commercial-free listening, or at least limited, is preferred. I would post my music preferences, but I'm bored with everything I own, so need exposure to the unfamiliar. Whatever you use and/or like, I'll try.

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Install Resco Radio - programs like CorePlayer and PocketMusic (or a bunch of others) will let you add podcasts or streamers as channels, but Resco comes with a whole load pre-configured and has a cute "analog" interface broken down by genre. Using some of the PocketPC programs with dedicated timed recording, or jimmy'd through MortScript, you can "Tivo" shows onto your phone for later listening as they are broadcast without requiring a PC. Or you can use any of the PocketPC RSS readers (such as FeederReader) to grab podcasts through a classic RSS interface.

Or you can get commercial stuff like XM Mobile through MobiTV. Or you can roll your own, with hardware like SlingBox or software like Orb and stream your own tunes, cable TV tunes, or reflected streams from your home network.
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As of late last year, you can listen to Pandora on some AT&T phones. It doesn't look like WM is supported, but I'm posting this answer as a reference for others just because I find Pandora truly delightful, as does pretty much everyone I know.
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@halogen: Great idea! For further reference, the AT&T Q9h (Q Global) is not one of the models supported (yet?); which makes me cry, as it is my new phone.
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I think Nutsie may do what you want, but I've never actually used it from a mobile device.
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Oh hey, you can also use Last.FM.
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