Where can I find nice hardcover versions of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber?
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Where can I find nice hardcover versions of Roger Zelazny's Chronicles of Amber?

I appreciate the current "Great Big Book o Amber", but I believe it is only softcover, no? I have two volumes right now of the Chronicles from some book club that I got at least 10+ years ago used, maybe printed in the 70's? but I would really like some nicer versions if they're out there.

Anyone? I checked Amazon, looks like that's pretty much what they got, too. Not that Amazon is the only place to look, of course.

Thanks, Zelaznyites!
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The original Doubleday hardcover of Nine Princes will run you many hundreds for a copy in not good shape and possibly thousands for one in fine condition.

Easton Press, on the other hand, did a leatherbound acid-free paper, gilt-edge edition of Princes that you could pick up for less than $50 and maybe less.

On the gripping hand, I don't think Easton did any of the later books in the series so you're basically stuck with the SFBC hardcopies for those if you don't want the 1970s hardcovers. I think.
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biblio.com, abebooks.com
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Here is a picture of the front cover of the Easton edition. It looks weird because it is tough to get the 22kt gold gilt to look right from that angle.
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You could always buy the big book with all the novels in paperback and get it rebound to hardcover.
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The Great Book of Amber is awful. Its a really flimsy softcover with over 1000 pages. Not a good combination. Mine has recently fallen completely apart. AFAIK there are no complete series in Hardcover (outside of older SFBC editions and this only includes the first series, none of the Merlin Stories). I would love to have one, if it existed. In fact I would love one that also included the short stories about Merlin that are kinda hard to track down. Looks like we're just SOL.
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I've been tempted to buy The Great Book of Amber, and rebind it, but from Amazon reviews it sounds like even the paper of the pages is crappy. Anansi - does the paper seem cheap and nasty, or is it more just a consequence of using really thin paper?

If it's worth rebinding, it sounds like it might be worth doing several :-)
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Anecdotally, I've had my copy since 2002 or 3, read it every couple of years and have lent it out and it's still in decent shape.
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