Looking for an on-line distance-measurer
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Online maps... I run along a weird path and around a lake, and I have no idea how far I'm going. Is there an online map that'll allow me to trace my route and gauge the distance?
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hows about one of them pedometers? I think thats probably a little more feasible than getting a map of a lake and plotting distances.
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I believe a good GPS unit can do this.
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I dunno about online, but you can do it with a physical map with a printed scale. You could make the physical scale by printing out the appropriate lowest-scale maps from mapquest and putting them together.

Trace out your route with string. Then straighten out the string and compare it to the scale (or measure the scale and the string) to come up with the total distance.
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Or, use a bike with one of those little trip computers on it, if it's a bikeable path.
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If the road isn't included in the surveying of an online map just do the calculations te old fashioned way. Just don't poke your laptop screen with a compass.
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Here's a rolling ruler that is made for just this - you normally use it on a paper map but there's no reason you couldn't use it the screen if you get the scale right.
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The GPS stuff is really cool, but I don't really want to spend any real money on this, as I really only have to do it once... The string idea seems like it'll work just fine -- I actually have a paper map I can use.

For what it's worth though, Space Coyote, what is "the old fashioned way?" I've got a compass, a ruler, and a map...
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One old fashioned way is to take the compass, and set it at a multiple of the scale distance in the bottom. If the scale at the bottom is, say, 1" per 1/4 mile, you could set the compass at 1/2" (1/8 mile) and "walk the compass end over end, counting the number of times you rotated the compass, and multiplying by 1/8 mile. Or, as mentioned above, use string. I'd put the map on some cork or something, and put pins every 1/2" or so on your route, and "wrap" the string around the pins, then measure the string. It's all pretty straightforward, particularly compared to getting a computer to cough up the answer.

Pedometer is probably simplest, though, if it's a flat level trail.
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Not much use to you as it only covers Europe, but for the record, Map 24 allows you to do what you're asking. It's not so good with off road stuff though as it is intended as a street map.
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Actually, I was wrong, there is a US version.
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Sweet! That was exactly what I needed, chill.
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chill - I've been looking to measure out some running routes and that's exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks!
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