Help me find a good doctor. Please!
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I'm tired of going to mediocre doctors. Anybody have a doctor you love? I'd prefer one in Chapel Hill or Durham, but I'd be willing to go to Raleigh for the right person.

I'm looking for someone who can do the girlie doctor stuff, but is also skilled in general medicine.

A woman would be great, but after having seen three or four "eh" doctors in the past six years, I'm willing to be open-minded.
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Best answer: My wife has started going to Dr. Branscom at Carrboro Pediatrics (they see adults too) and likes her because she does "girlie doctor stuff" and is skilled in general medicine. Dr. Branscom was recommended by a sister-in-law who also quite liked her.

IANAWoman and know nothing about girlie doctor stuff, but can recommend Dr. Janelle Krasovich at Chapel Hill Internal Medicine as someone who is friendly, takes the time to listen and seems to know her stuff.

Also both my wife and I used to see a Dr. Barbara Bergdolt whom we both liked. She moved from Chapel Hill and practices now in Durham, (though I don't know what her Durham practice is named). She's the only physician I've ever encountered in my life that I would describe as "shy" or obviously introverted. She was very quiet spoken, low key and didn't make a lot of unnecessary eye contact, but both my wife and I found this to be a good thing. It made for an interesting (and better in our opinion) dynamic. Though I have talked to others who were too weirded out about that, so YMMV.
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I LOVE my doctor at Avalon Medical Group. It's off of Willow Dr. by University Mall. Her name is Cecelia McKay. She is very caring and understanding. She came highly recommended by my colleagues when I worked at Planned Parenthood up there on 15-501.
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I dig Dr. Glenn Withrow at NC Family Doctor in Chapel Hill. He might not be what you're looking for, but someone in his practice may be!

My wife LOVES Dr. Stewart Carr with Carolina Womens Health in Raleigh, and she's picky when it comes to that stuff.

Good luck!
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If you are willing to go to the Women's Hospital (UNC) - they have a raft of excellent OB-GYNs there (at least my experience with them was very good), and I had never considered going to the hospital for GYN visits. I went for my OB care and am going to continue getting my annual exams there.
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