searching for a small foldout couch/futon
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I'm looking for a small, comfortable couch futon that converts into a small fold out bed. I live in a small basement studio and space is at a premium. I'd like one no wider than 45 inches, that can unfold to a small bed, and that sits at a high level (no ground level ikea futons)

Target has this futon, which is sort of ideal. I'd like one that folds outwards even more. However, every futon I look at is at least 5 feet plus, which is too wide for the narrow space I have. Any idea, MeFi-ites?
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I don't have a suggestion for a couch but I thought I'd point out that another space saving item you might want to look into is a coffee table that converts into a dining table. I own this vintage one but there are contemporary ones being made.
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and oh so many more. Don't you have a futon shop near you? These are just examples. It is always nice to see the thing in person though. When you are going to be sleeping on it regularly you want a very sturdy construction.
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Well, i was asking because I wanted people's experiences with them. I've bought ones that seemed great in the store and ended being incredibly painful to actually sleep on longterm.
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For long term sleeping comfort I have found a rigid frame (hard wood slats) and a foam core futon to work really well. The mattress is more important than the frame.
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My daughter sleeps on a fold-out futon bed with a real Sealy innerspring mattress. The one she has is too big for your purposes, but I thought I'd note that such things exist.
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Tiny Living has a cute chair that folds out into a twin bed (and lots of other great furniture for small places). Also, West Elm has a futon lounger that bends on on the other axis, making it under 45" wide (but quite a bit longer).
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In my limited experience, the frames on metal futons tend to bend over time, making them incredibly uncomfortable, but too slowly to notice. When my wife pointed it out to me, I looked closely, the the metal bars went bent horribly, causing a significant (and bad-for-the-back) sag...
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I've been longing for World Market's Studio Day Sofa for eons - I tested it in the store a couple of times, and it's really comfortable. Far more comfortable than the one from Target that you mentioned, as I've tried that one, too.

However - it's a bit bigger than what you mentioned. 62-82"Wx33"Dx25.5"H. - but I'm wondering if your width measurement corresponds to their depth measurement?
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I clicked on this thread with the Studio Day Sofa from World Market in mind, which I see Liosliath has already mentioned. I have one and really love it. It is somewhat low to the ground, though. (the seating level is maybe 13" or 15" off the ground)

I use it primarily as a couch, not for everyday sleeping.. but I can say that it is comfortable enough that I have nearly fallen asleep in it against my will several times. The wood frame is really sturdy.. it's definitely worth checking out.
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Take a look at IKEA's range. They have quite a few styles, are relatively cheap (compared to specialist Futon stores) and also come in compact sizes. If you have an IKEA anywhere near, their quality is pretty good.
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