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Welke Nederlandse podcasts kun je me aanbevelen?

Ben op zoek naar nederlandse podcasts van hetzelfde caliber als mijn favoriete engelstalige podcasts, zoals:

In Our Time
All in the Mind
This American Life
Start the Week
Thinking Allowed
Street Stories

Maar omdat ik al jaren niet meer in NL woon, ben ik niet op de hoogte van wat de nederlandse radio tegenwoordig te bieden heeft (ik heb overigens nog wel mooi Het Bureau mee weten te pikken).

[Translation: Looking for podcasts in Dutch similar to the english-spoken ones I love]
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translation: I refer to the podcasts of three radio programs, of the Dutch public radio.

Van de publieke omroepen:

Het dagelijkse radioprogramma Kunststof heeft regelmatig aardige gasten uit de wereld van cultuur en media.

Teleac/Not heeft Hoe Zo Wetenschap en geeft onder meer de gesprekken met de hoofdgast in hun podcast door.

En persoonlijk houdt ik wel van het programme DeSmet Live, dat ook een podcast heeft. Al kijk ik ook altijd op de site wie de gasten waren, en waarover het ging.

Op Kunststof na, heeft van de Nederlandse radio alleen Radio 5 in diepte vergelijkbare uitzendingen met de door u genoemde voorbeelden.

De Volkskrant had een tijdje een aardige podcast van het kenniscafé dat deze krant organiseerde, maar op die feed krijg ik al een tijd niets meer binnen.
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The correct link to Kunststof
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You might like The State We're In, from Radio Netherlands.
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(This is not exactly what you're looking for, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to mention it). It can be a bit hit-and-miss, but SBS's Dutch language program is pretty good value, not to mention being super-relevant for Dutch speakers in Australia.

Beautiful day here in NL by the way ;-)
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The State We're In, by the way, is in English. It may be a good starting point, though, for Dutch-language podcasts of a similar nature.
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Je kende de podcast site van de nederlandse radio waarschijnlijk al.
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Bedankt! Ik heb de meest recente afleveringen van jullie suggesties nu op mijn iPod. En ook jouke bedankt, want via radiocast.nl heb ik de podcast van de door mij vroeger zo fel-beluisterde Argos gevonden.

I have to admit, I never bothered to seek out SBS's Dutch offerings, different, but I'll definitely give it a go. (A lovely cold day here in Melbourne today, BTW, although a bit smokey what with the controlled bush fires these last few days.)
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A Dutch-language show I've always felt most approaches This American Life in tone and style is Een grote bruine envelop, in which Chris Bajema pieces together intimate stories to the cue of the contents of, well, a large brown envelope. It's a shame only so few episodes were made, but I can heartily recommend the ones that are there.

It was part of De Avonden, which is a bit of an obvious choice but nice nonetheless.

Andermans veren is a selection of cabaret in the Dutch sense, and should be entertaining both for the classic material and the stuff you may have missed after emigration. Kick van der Veer can get a bit gratingly fanboy-ish to my taste, but the comedy itself more than makes up for it.

And since you asked for Dutch-language podcasts: Stories on Flemish Radio 1 tells, guess what, stories, and Feyten of Fillet is a somewhat Radio Lab-ish exploration of current affairs.

Lastly, if you're at all interested in pop music shows (somewhat of a cross-section of pop-alternative-indie to be precise) nothing in the Dutch-speaking communities beats Studio Brussel, IMO, and a lot of its shows have podcasts (four are here).

Thanks for this thread, guys - I found a lot of interesting stuff myself.
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Thanks, GNFTI particularly for the Flemish podcasts (but also because whenever I encounter your username -- regardless of the thread -- I feel so excellently reassured).
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Sorry, that should have been "whenever I encounter you and your username"
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Aww! Glad I could contribute something of value.

And seriously, I really liked the suggestions in here, I'm just popping in to try out a few new ones right now.

Did I mention that the SBS ones can at times sound totally surreal? I love how the interviewer (I struggle to find which segment that was, sorry -- I'll look it up if you want) has to keep reminding this female singer interviewee to reply in Dutch, not English.

Anyhow, thanks for the question, ponystyle -- and for the excellent answers, all.
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