Where to get colored refrigerator bulbs
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Where can I get different colored light bulbs for a refrigerator?

I want the inside of my fridge to light up in a different color -- preferably blue or orange. Where can I get different colored bulbs?
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What about buying a normal light bulb and painting it a different color? Someone asked how to do that in a previous AskMe.
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use any bulb that will fit, it shouldn't make a difference... If it is a long style bulb, try looking for aquarium bulbs... Just don't go over the wattage of the original bulb...
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Christmas tree bulbs, you know the really old kind which are still sold, will fit most fridges. Perhaps you can even get one that blinks.
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Most fridges I've come across use standard incandescent bulbs (medium or mini base). Colored bulbs should be easy to find.
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Get a color gel pack at your local pro photography supplier. These are colored acetate sheets. Cut them out and pop them inside the transparent plastic cover for the light. Mix and match. You may also be able to find colored cellophane at a craft shop.
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Blue or green light inside your fridge will gross you out. If you're doing this to lose weight, it'll work.
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My roommates and I used to do this in college to surprise each other. We just used standard colored light bulbs, which we bought at Spencer's Gifts. At the mall.

And now I'm embarrassed.
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You could also try LED bulbs, which are available in all sorts of colors, and RGB color-changing lightshow styles.
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Fridge bulbs are generally A or C base bulbs, any decent lighting store will have a variety of colours (and even most decripit stores like the local Borg/WalMart). However, genuine Fridge bulbs are rough service bulbs, they have filaments designed to stand up to vibration (from the compressor) and shocks (from closing the doors). You might experience shorter life with the coloured bulb depending on its and your fridge's construction.
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