Help with MS Outlook 2002
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I am using a computerized telephone management system called Advanced Call Center. One of its features is it emails me whenever I receive a call at my business. That feature needs and uses the Telephone Applications Programming Interface (TAPI) feature within Outlook to function.

But Outlook generates a popup on the host PC that requires that I allow or disallow the message before it will allow ACC to reinitalize the modem and return to answering mode. If I'm not there, I can't turn off the window, so ACC doesn't answer anymore calls. Is there a way to turn this notification function off in Outlook 2002, or have it automatically send without notification?
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If I recall correctly, only Outlook 97 allows you to send emails under automation without requiring a user's confirmation.

As an alternative, I think there's a piece of software out there called Redemption that you can use to circumvent this. I'm not if it will work for a third party product or whether it needs to be coded around specifically. It's either cheap or free I think. Sorry for lack of URL - I'm writing from phone.
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The url for Redemption is . This does exactly what you need but afaik, it covers only MAPI and CDO. Moreover, you'll need to change the system to use this, which probably isn't feasible in your case.
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For a solution at the user's end, you can try clickyes or something similar
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If you can downgrade to Outlook 2000 SR1 or older this debilitating "feature" isn't installed. This is one the main reasons I haven't upgraded my Office 2000 suite, which does everything I need without the increased bloat of later versions.
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