Am I being underpaid to sit in a little grey box?
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How much should an online marketing manager be paid? With a base salary and a 100% trackable sales?

Company description: Sell shippable custom widgets, which must be bought online.

Job description: Online Marketing Manager, recruit affiliates for our affiliate program. Find websites to advertise on that will convert to sales.

I know I'm leaving money on the table, I've only been there 3 months, but I think my value will be extremely high from a ROI perspective.

With analytic data we can track almost 100% of the sales that I will bring in directly to the site.

I'm only being paid salary currently, but I feel like there is a better payment equation based on my skills
and abilities (lower salary + commission). Is there a standard equation for something like this?

Are there websites that focus on on this particular question for my particular niche?

Do companies have a particular ROI for this particular position? Example they expect to make $2.5 profit for every dollar I'm paid.

Basically there are a lot of little questions that all equal up to the generic question that we all ask when it comes to working, am I receiving the proper compensation?
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It really depends on you, the company and the local employment market. It could be anywhere from $45k to $120k a year. However, since you're already at the company, you'll have a challenge in renegotiating your payment terms to something very favourable for you. I mean, if you're doing your job, you should be hitting those targets (from your employer's perspective).

Depending on the industry and goals of the company, total sales and market spend vary. You'll hear 10% thrown around a lot. So a $2M company would be spending $200k. That includes event marketing, marcom/PR, website, direct marketing, channel stuff, etc. Some companies spend more like 15% while others spend 5%.
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