The Truth is in Here
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I need a name for my X-files themed blog.

Last Christmas, we got the boxed set of all seasons of the X-files. Mr. Secretariat and I have been dutifully watching this show every night, and we're nearing the end. We know we're going to make a blog discussing the merits and failings of each episode-- we just don't know what to call it. Although this blog will be a deadly serious undertaking, I am looking for a light-hearted name. Hopefully it would evoke the purpose of the blog, as well as the X-Files. For example:

Trust NoBlog
Hurf Durf X-files Watcher
The Redux Files
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From the files of the Cigarette Smoking Man
posted by mmascolino at 12:37 PM on April 20, 2008

I Want to Believe
posted by SteveTheRed at 12:40 PM on April 20, 2008

Black Oil.
posted by adamrice at 12:48 PM on April 20, 2008

Blogroll Me, Scully
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Damn, now I see you've got that in your tags.
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Lots and Lots of Files
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Out There
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We made this: The X-files reflected.
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The Truth is in Here
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I made this
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Trust No Pun.
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Failings of each episode!?
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Response by poster: Did I say failings? I mean... charms. The delightful cringe-worthy charms of some episodes.
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Best answer: X-Centric
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Muldering the X-Files
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Get your black oil right here.
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Abduction Junction
Reyes Must Die
X-Filing Cabinet
Monster of the Week
Black Suit Diaries
"Mulder, that's Absurd"

and of course you couldn't go wrong with:

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Best answer: X-Files Files
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Best answer: "Jose Chung's Secrets of the FBI X files"
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X's and :O
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The Lone Gunpeople
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i have no ideas, but i totally want the link when you go live!
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Maybe you can find a good line you liked. Mulder and Scully's banter got quite strange at times. There are a few phrases that stuck.

black hole season
the scientific nature of the whammy

I named my blog Queequeg.
Not really. :)
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the great answers, except for "I want 2.0 Believe". That one's really bad! We're getting some ideas, but it's kind of hard to decide.

Also, I hate that "I made this" kid. After watching 200 episodes, I've pretty much figured out that he made it.

Once the blog gets going, we'll certainly submit it to Projects. Nice to know that there's still some X-Files fans out there.
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Purity Control

Hopefully someone gets this reference. Just outed myself here, I guess.
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I really like your idea of The Redux Files. It works on two levels - you're giving it a second glance by going through each ep, but you're also resurrecting the show since it's been off the air for so long. Bonus points for tying into an episode title. I think you've got it right there.
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The X-Fails
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i cant believe you dont like "I want 2.0 Believe" - i think its the best by far!!!
props to 23skidoo.
a good pun=a good title. cheesy but clever.
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by the way great idea, makes me want to do one for twin peaks which i just re-watched...
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Response by poster: Update: The blog is up and running here: Mulder's Big Adventure. I've also posted it to projects.

In trying to decide a name, we wrote down all our favorites from this list (including "I want 2.0 Believe", just in case I changed my mind) along with a couple of jokey names we thought up on the spot. We read through all of them, and the one that stuck was Mulder's Big Adventure. That's kind of what the show is all about- the amazing and absurd adventures of Mulder. Even when he isn't on the show anymore. (For equality's sake, we could also have called it Scully's Big Adventure. I just don't find her quite as charismatic.)

And... Please do one on twin peaks! That would be great.
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