How do you determine if a dfa is minimal
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Is there an elegant algorithm to determine if a dfa is minimal? Obviously you can minimize a dfa and then check to see if the result is isomorphic to the original. Is there another way?
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That's not what I asked. I'm not asking how to build a minimal dfa. I'm asking if there's a way to test if a dfa is minimal.
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It seems like all you have to check for is unreachable states and equivalent states. If there aren't any of either, the DFA is minimal.

You can check for equivalent states by looking at the transition function. If delta(q, a) = delta(r, a) for all a in the alphabet and two states q and r, the states are equivalent.

Unreachable states are ones that have no path from the initial state.
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Thanks. Once I read your answer I can see how your answer is implied by how subset construction terminates.
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