How do I stop the mouse pointer from moving to the selected button automatically in OS X?
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How do I stop the mouse pointer from moving to the selected button automatically in OS X?

Somehow I have turned on a feature of OS X where the mouse pointer automatically moves towards any dialogue box with a button selected by default. I thought perhaps this was a feature of Universal Access, but there is nothing selected there that seems to fit the bill. I have even trashed to no avail.

This seems to be user specific because I created a new user and it does not happen there.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as this is really annoying.

OS X 10.5.2, MacBook Pro.
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Are you sure it's not a specific application doing that? I've known apps to have options for that, but I can't find it in my System Preferences (10.5).

Although, I have to thank you for making me look. I didn't know I could right-click by putting two fingers on the pad and clicking. Much easier than ctrl-click.
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You didn't install LazyMouse somehow, did you?
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Lazymouse is not installed, I have actually never even heard of that. I also can't figure out which application would be doing this, I haven't installed anything new recently.

Thank you for the suggestion though.
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Did you install software to run a separate mouse? I know Kensington products offer that "feature" but in my many years of Mac ownership, I have never heard of it being part of the default system.
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Maybe check in Login Items (under Accounts in system preferences) to see if maybe just maybe you've got some application installed to run at startup that you've forgotten about?

I also had an application that did that -- don't remember what it was, and have since uninstalled it, but it was definitely an app.
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Go to the Terminal and type:

ls ~/Library/Preferences/*mouse*


ls ~/Library/Preferences/*mice*

See if a program comes up.
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Also use the "grep" command in /Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Preferences . Search case-insensitively for "mouse", "mice", and "pointer".
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Or, simply, sort your ~/Library/Preferences folder in date order, newest first, and look for likely plist candidates.
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SteerMouse does that, too...?
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dpcoffin for the win! I didn't think steermouse could be the culprit since this was only happening on the trackpad, but that was totally it!

Thanks for saving my sanity!
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