How to opt out of business credit card offers?
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How can I opt out of business credit card offers for my home business when the usual junk mail filter options are geared towards individuals?

I want to opt out of business credit card offers for my home business (incorporated), but websites like Opt Out Prescreen require a social security number (instead of a federal ID number) and the DMA Mail Preference Site require first and last name (when some of the offers are addressed only to the corporation with no name).

Since my business and home address are the same you'd think adding just my name and address to the opt out lists would work, but no. The offers still come.
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I don't think you can. They usually mailing them to *you* anyway, not the business. I know I get plenty of business card offers at home even though I've never owned a business.
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You could route around the requirements of DMA's web form by submitting the request by letter instead.

Ask your local post office if they have any other advice. Surely yours isn't the only business that has tried to put a llid on snail-mail spam. If there's a way to do it, your postmaster knows.
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Many private mail box companies will take requests to junk all bulk mail. These CC offers are usually bulk mail.
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... so a solution is to switch your business address to a private mail box company.
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Are you getting a lot of soliciations from one company in particular. I was getting tonnnss of credit card offers from one company in particular, and I called and asked to be taken off the list and they did so fairly promptly.
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At least for individuals, there is a number inside that you can call.. I've done it before, but I don't remember what the computer asked when I called.. Maybe you should see if you can find that number and call it..

We don't get credit card offers anymore :)
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