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My friend is looking to find the title of a 1980s era anime she loved. Can anyone help?

From my friend: "In or around 1988, I watched a cartoon (anime) that still stays with me to this day. The main characters included really cute kittens who traveled all over the place.. maybe in between worlds. At one point they we are in a basket floating down a river. At the end of the movie, they travel through a rose thorn path to get to a dark prince character. I think one of the kittens turns into a girl. Does anyone know what I am talking about?"
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Best answer: She might be thinking of The Fantastic Adventures of Unico. I don't remember much about the movie, but it does have a cat who transforms into a girl.
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Best answer: Definitely Unico, The Last Unicorn
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Ooh, sorry for the answer when you already had one--that was quick.
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Response by poster: Wow, nice job, guys. It is in fact Unico. My friend's very excited. Thanks!
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