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Is there a way to automagically back up my blackberry contacts and calendar on my iMac? Bluetooth and cordless would be swell. I'm running an intel Mac with the latest OS animal.
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I've never used it but I think you want PocketMac, which is free but I don't think it does wireless so you'll have to plug it in.
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Best answer: The Missing Sync for Blackberry might help.
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The Missing Sync for BlackBerry is your best bet as tractorfeed said, I just want to advise that you should not under any circumstances use PocketMac. It's that crappiest program ever written and will waste hours of you time, also it doesn't sync over Bluetooth. It's completely worth the $40.

Oh, and the makers of PocketMac can bite me :-\
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Bleh, my rage for PocketMac impedes my ability to spell properly.
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I've been using Spanning Sync to sync my Google calendar with iCal. Then I use the Google calendar sync thingie to sync that to my BB calendar.

It works, sort of. The advantage is it's possible to read/add appointments to my calendar from a PC (just open Google calendar), or my mac, or my BB. Spanning Sync promises sync for contacts sometime in the future, someday.
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Response by poster: Missing Sync was perfect. I just wish I could do wireless.
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