Seek name of movie that haunts me
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Wonderful Mefis: I know someone will help. I seek the name of a movie, or made-for-TV movie. 1980s, probably. May have starred cast members from Absolutely Fabulous. Maybe a Brit production.

I believe I saw this ca. 1995, either as a TV rerun, or I dug it out of the Video rental bin at the local library. I have a hunch it was made ca. 1985-90, and I remember it as not having full-bore movie production values, but more like a TV mini-series pilot or something. It was set in a weird rooming house?? maybe San Francisco? London ?? The main lead was a sort of virginal young man, seeking to know meaning of love. And his acquaintances kept leading him from one odd encounter to another, until somehow he had a eureka moment about love. It's not "Tales of the City". The young man learns about love of and for women.

Now, here's the kicker. When I saw it, it was after 1993 or so, because I had been introduced to Ab Fab, and I recognized Joanna Lumley in the movie, as perhaps a key person to lead the young man to understanding love, playing some sort of quasi-royal personage (like duchess so-and-so, if I remember). I also recognized at least one more person from Ab Fab's cast. I have looked all over IMDB and other websites to identify this movie by reading Lumley's and others' filmography. But no luck. (So, there's a chance I'm demented, and it was not Lumley in this film.)

Well, too wordy now. I'll shut up. I am only sorry I don't know more details of the film and its plot. If I get the title from y'all, I'll rent it and wallow in past emotions.
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Could it be The City's Edge? It's from 1983 and it's about a innocent rube who goes to live in a boarding house in Sydney. Joanna Lumley isn't in it, though.
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Sounds a bit like Getting It Right but Joanna Lumley's not in that either.
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But Jane Horrocks is.
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Your description reminds me a bit of Ripping Yarns, but unfortunately I have no idea which episode, as it's been twenty years since I saw it.
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Dear folks. Sorry to be late getting back, but I needed to think about "Getting It Right" for a while, and also check to see if Netflix has it.

THe more I thought about it, esp. because "Bubble" is in it (Horrocks), and other aspects of the plot, I am sure "Getting It Right" is the one. I am depressed that Netflix doesn't have it. Does anyone know if it's on cassette or DVD??

Thanks for your help. Astute and swift, as always.
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